Warzone Pacific patch nerfs H4 Blixen bug fixes

Call of Duty Season Three Reloaded launched some new content into Warzone Pacific and Vanguard. In Caldera, there is a new underground fast travel system, new items such as tokens, and much more. Vanguard multiplayer now has a new map as well as a couple of new Operators. Mid-season updates tends to see a new weapon make its debut, and this time, a new submachine gun has joined the weapon pool. To get your hands on the new H4 Blixen in Warzone Pacific and Vanguard, you must complete a challenge to unlock it.

The H4 Blixen has been described by Activision as a rival to the Owen Gun, which is a meta submachine gun in Warzone Pacific. The H4 Blixen has a slower fire rate, as well as better vertical recoil control, aim down sight speed, and reload quickness. As this weapon is not one you will want to miss out on, you need to make sure you know the requirements to unlock the H4 Blixen.


How to unlock the H4 Blixen in Vanguard and Warzone Pacific

When a new weapon is introduced during the season, you have to complete a challenge to unlock it. The H4 Blixen is no different, and the challenge tasks you with getting three slide kills in a single match 15 times. As sliding is a fundamental mechanic in both Vanguard and Warzone Pacific, you shouldn’t have any problems completing it. In Warzone Pacific, you may want to take on the challenge in Rebirth Island. This mode has opportunities to get in close-quarter engagements and respawn, so it should make the challenge simpler.

Usually, there would be a blueprint for you to purchase to unlock the weapon immediately. For now, it appears that the blueprint will make its way into the in-game store at a later date.

Vanguard Warzone Pacific Unlock H4 Blixen Submachine Gun

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