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How to unlock Haymaker Cortex Crusher Weapon Blueprint in MW3, WZ, and Warzone Mobile

A new weapon for my collection.

A new MW3 update wouldn’t be anything without new weapon blueprints. Use this guide to learn how to unlock the Haymaker Cortex Crusher Weapon Blueprint across MW3, WZ, and even Warzone Mobile. 

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MW3: How to unlock the Haymaker Cortex Crusher Weapon Blueprint in WZ, and Warzone Mobile

To get this new blueprint in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, you have to acquire it via the Event Store. Unlike other things like the Mission Control Vest where you have to do the general challenges to earn, the Cortext Crusher is earned by spending on Event Points and Undead Badges at the Event Store.

To get Event Points, you have to do weekly event challenges that are new to Season Four. They are as follows:

  • Going Viral
  • Kill Zombies
  • Tech Control 
  • Pluck It

By participating in these events, you can accumulate points to earn you the blueprint. Additionally, if you’re playing on Mobile, you must do weekly events as well. Then, when you have enough, as mentioned before, head to the Event Store and pick up the blueprint. 

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What else can be bought from the Event Store?

Because you won’t be spending Event Points anywhere else, amassing a high amount can happen quickly if you use things like the DNA Bomb killstreaks. So, if you have a ton of Event Points banked, you can not only earn the Haymaker Cortex Crusher, but you can also buy items such as the Chuy Sentinel Rising Operator Skin and exclusive Aftermarket Parts.  So doing those weekly events could be a good idea. 

For anyone playing on Warzone Mobile, you’ll get content exclusive in the Keep. Things that could show up are the Toxic Terror, Hades’ Hand, Circut Breaker, and Extra Crispy

Warzone Specialist Perk Package
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Note, that while the Haymaker Cortex Crusher is available in Warzone Mobile, the aforementioned rewards won’t be available anywhere else outside of the mobile game. 

The fourth season of Modern Warfare 3 also has tons of weapons to earn like the Superi 46.

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