How to unlock Mercenaries mode for Resident Evil 4 remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries Mode

A classic Resident Evil mode called Mercenaries makes a comeback. On April 7, Capcom released Mercenaries mode for Resident Evil 4 remake. In this action-packed minigame, waves of enemies crash through the stage, while you’re trying to defeat them on the clock. But how can you unlock the Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil 4 remake? We’ll explain everything below.

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How to get Mercenaries Mode in Resident Evil 4 remake

If you update you game, you won’t magically see the Mercenaries mode pop up. This is because to unlock Mercenaries, you have to download it digitally. If you’re playing through Steam, you can find Mercenaries mode as a free download. Scroll down the Resident Evil 4 remake store page until you see ‘Content for this game.’ It’s called ‘The Mercenaries,’ and it shouldn’t take long to download.

Now, once you boot up Resident Evil 4 remake, Mercenaries mode is available from the main menu. At first, you’ll only be able to start with the first available stage and only available character, which is Leon S. Kennedy. You can unlock three more characters and two more stages by playing the Mercenaries game.

How To Unlock Mercenaries Mode Resident Evil 4 Remake

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The round begins with your stocked-up case, filled with throwables, guns, and ammo. The goal is to keep adding time to the clock, so you can rack up more points. To add time, interact with the green orbs around the map, or just kill enemies.  You’ll also notice a meter on the bottom that can trigger Mayhem Mode when filled. This will give you a boost of power and speed for a short amount of time. The golden orbs around the map can add to this meter.

Once the time runs out, or you die, the round ends. You’ll be able to see the points you gained, and a score is given based on those points. Feel free to add your score to the leaderboard, and try to become the best mercenary. Learning how to unlock Mercenaries mode for Resident Evil 4 remake isn’t so difficult, but getting through the onslaught of enemies is.

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