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How to unlock Reaching Within Shader in Destiny 2

We're sorry, but your shader is in another castle for now

Destiny 2 is all about participating in the most difficult activities in the game, all so you can put on the best drip imaginable. Shaders are an integral part of the Destiny ecosystem and every new expansion releases even more colors for your Guardian’s gear. So let’s take a look at how to unlock Reaching Within shader in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2 — Where to unlock Reaching Within Shader

How To Unlock Reaching Within Shader In Destiny 2 Ghost
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While you’re working your way through The Final Shape story and raising your Guardian’s power level, other rewards await you when you take part in activities around The Pale Heart. Most of these rewards come in the form of gifts from your Ghost, who is the main vendor for The Final Shape’s destination.

You still find destination weapons that drop from random enemies inside the Traveler, but what you won’t find this way is the brand-new shader: Reaching Within. In order to acquire this shader, you must reach Rank 16 with your Ghost vendor inside The Pale Heart.

Sounds simple enough right? Wrong! Because if there’s something I’ve learned from playing Destiny 2 this long, it’s that there will always be small quirky bugs that plague the game when new DLC drops.

How To Unlock Reaching Within Shader In Destiny 2 Bug
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In this case, if you reach Rank 16 with your Ghost or try to view the shader you’ll get at max rank, you’ll see the Ghost is offering the wrong shader from the previous DLC, Lightfall. Instead of getting the new green, white, and blue Reaching Within shader, you’re instead given the Scintillant Trajectory shader.

Sadly, as of now, Bungie is aware of the problem and is working on a solution, as quoted by a Bungie help comment on their forum. So be sure to check back here daily for any new updates regarding their hotfixes for the Reaching Withing shader. And if you’re like me and blindly grabbed the rank rewards without looking or reset your rank with the Ghost already, hopefully Bungie can retroactively place it in our collections.

But while you’re waiting for the devs to solve this shader situation, that might give you enough time to grab the new Khvostov Exotic rifle that Bungie just fixed, since that quest was experiencing issues as well.

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