How to Unlock the Earth Mine in Coral Island

Inside Earth Mine In Coral Island
Screenshot: PC Invasion

In Coral Island, spelunking into the depths of the Earth Mine will reward you with all sorts of gems and resources that you’ll need for profits and progress. The mine is notably closed, however.

Unlocking the Earth Mine in Coral Island

The Earth Mine is inside the Cavern, which is situated in the Northwest area of the island. When starting out in Coral Island, you can go there immediately, although you’ll notice it’s blocked off and inaccessible.

Don’t worry about unlocking it, as this is only temporary. You’ll need to wait for five days, and then Mark will come over to your house to announce that the mines are open again, and ready for you to pay a visit. So you don’t need to do anything but wait for the mines to open. I’d recommend that you get familiar with the other systems and explore them in the meantime.

Outside Earth Mine In Coral Island
Screenshot: PC Invasion

When Mark announces this, you can go to the cavern right away. There are four mines available in the Cavern, named Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire. Currently, only the Earth and Water mines are available in the game. You’ll need to wait for the other two to be added.

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How many mine levels are in the Earth Mine in Coral Island?

In Earth Mine, and the Water Mine for that matter, there are 40 levels for you to explore. This may sound like there’s a lot of walking involved, but thankfully there is an elevator that can take you up or down to every fifth level you explore.

In the vast 40 levels of Earth Mine, you’ll encounter lots of goodies, and some baddies, too. Make sure to bring plenty of food and leave early in the morning for maximum time inside the caves. It may also be recommended to go during rainy days, as your crops will all be watered naturally.

In Earth Mine, you’ll find:

  • Bronze Ores
  • Earth Geodes
  • Mystery Geodes
  • Pink Crystals
  • Fire Agates

Whilst trying to mine, you’ll also be bothered by Slimes and Spiders, rather classic cave enemies in gaming. You can defeat them to earn Slime Goop, and Spider Fur, respectively. Both will drop Monster Essences.

So there’s plenty to find and grab in Earth Mine, and upon reaching Level 40, you’ll find your way into the Water Mine, which has even more items to find.

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