Manor Lords Settlement
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How to upgrade your settlement level in Manor Lords

Upgrade your town with new features.

Your Manor Lords settlement may start out small, but you’ll eventually expand your influence and have acres upon acres of land to your name. You’ll need to fulfill some strict requirements to upgrade and expand your settlement, however.

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If you want to earn Development Points to unlock special equipment and buildings, then you’ll need to upgrade your settlement level by meeting specific criteria at various stages of the game. These are things that you’ll want to do anyway in Manor Lords, but make sure you don’t neglect certain buildings like churches or else you’ll be stuck with a small village for hours.

How to Increase Your Manor Lords Settlement Level

Manor Lords Upgrade Settlement Requirements
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To upgrade your Manor Lords settlement, hover over your settlement’s name with the mouse and check out the requirements. You typically need to upgrade your Burgage Plots to certain levels in order to progress to the next settlement level, but things are more complicated than they seem since Burgage Plots require a ton of things before they can get upgraded.

Marketplaces, churches, and supplies are all required if you want to upgrade your Burgage Plots and, in turn, increase your settlement level in Manor Lords. These are all easy enough to build, though, but you may need to construct more level one Burgage Plots to attract new workers to your village if you want to gather all of the necessary crafting materials yourself.

Settlement level upgrades only happen so often in Manor Lords, so make sure to have a plan in place and know what you want to spend your Development Points on early. If you’re in need of fuel, for example, then you may want to choose Charcoal Burning to unlock the Charcoal Kiln. If you need food to survive the winter, then Trapping or Forest Management will increase the amount of Berries and Meat you can harvest.

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