Paints In The First Descendant
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How to use colors in The First Descendant

Can you paint default skins like in the beta?

In The First Descendant, you’ll be able to earn and purchase paints that are used to color your Descendant. But players are being driven crazy trying to figure out how to use them.

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Can you color default skins in The First Descendant?

Most players are running into this issue when trying to use their newly acquired paint on their Descendant, but being unable to find how to do it. Unfortunately, paints cannot be applied to default Descendant skins.

In the beta, there used to be a station for players to make paints, and they used to be able to equip colors to default skins. This is no longer the case.

This is rather disappointing considering the only way to get new skins is to pay for them using real money, meaning using colors is a pay-walled feature now.

If you do have a skin and want to know how to use paints to color them, however, then I’ve got you covered.

How to use your paints in The First Descendant

Using paints is easy in The First Descendant. Go to the customization tab and select the item that you wish to recolor.

Upon selecting it, you should notice a “paint” section appearing on the right, with six boxes underneath.

Each box relates to a part of the outfit that’s a different color. Hover over the box for those regions to be highlighted. Then, with that box selected, pick a color for it to become. Each color must be obtained, and each one is one use only. So if you want to use a color more than once, you’ll have to obtain it again.

There is a wide variety of colors to choose from, however, so there’s at least that going for it.

How to get new paints in The First Descendant

Buying Paint The First Descendant
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Unfortunately, there is only one way to get the paints you want in The First Descendant: buy them with the premium in-game currency.

You must purchase them using Caliber, which is acquired through microtransactions. You won’t find them in the shop, you’ll have to select “purchase” when hovering over them in the customization menu.

Thankfully, you can preview the colors before purchasing, so you’ll be sure if you really want to depart with your money for it.

Some paints are awarded from achievements, but this isn’t a reliable way to come into them.

I hope you’re not too disappointed, Descendant. Now that you know all you need to know about paints and colors in The First Descendant, you can carry on playing. Likely to earn Ultimate Bunny, right?

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