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How to use Iris of Occultation and Grace in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

Grab some weapons or Spirits to help in your battles.

Like most FromSoftware DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree places you in a completely new area with new items to acquire. There’s even an all-new leveling system that only works within the new Shadow Realm. With all this in mind, we will scour the latest map and figure out how to use Iris of Occultation and Iris of Grace in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.

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Where to use Iris of Occultation and Grace in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree

How To Use Iris Of Occultation And Grace In Elden Ring Sote Irises
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Both the Iris of Occultation and Grace can be used at the same two NPCs and reward you with different items depending on the item and the NPC you give it to. And while you are technically able to just use both of these items, make sure you do not use these items on yourself.

So if you happen to have one or both of these items, there are two NPCs you’ll be able to give them to for various rewards. Let’s start with the easiest character to give it to, which is none other than Fire Knight Queelign.

Fire Knight Queelign

How To Use Iris Of Occultation And Grace In Elden Ring Sote Queelign
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You can find the Fire Knight Queelign NPC version of this character by entering the Prayer Room in the Shadowkeep which is part of the Scadu Altus region. You’ll gain access to this room once you defeat the invader version of Fire Knight Queelign and get the Prayer Room Key.

Giving Queelign the Iris of Occultation will reward you with Queelign’s Greatsword, while giving her the Iris of Grace grants you the Fire Knight Queelign Spirit Ash. However, Queelign isn’t the only NPC you can give these items to in SotE.


How To Use Iris Of Occultation And Grace In Elden Ring Sote Jolan
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The other character you have the option of giving either of these items to is the Servant of Count Ymir, Jolan. But before you can give this undying servant any items, you must progress Ymir’s sidequest.

Once you near the end of Ymir’s sidequest you’ll be able to talk to Jolan who is leaning on the pillar to the right of where Ymir sits in the Cathedral of Manus Metyr in Scadu Altus.

Once you defeat Ymir and have obtained one or both of the irises, head back to the Cathedral and find Jolan at the same pillar, but this time very wounded (from your battles with them no doubt) complaining of not being able to see the sky or the stars anymore.

If you give Jolan the Iris of Occultation, he will pass on to the next life and drop his weapon, the Sword of Night.

Alternatively, if you present him with the Iris of Grace, he will grant you his powers in the form of the Swordhand of Knight Jolan Spirit Ash.

What this means is if you have obtained both Iris’, you have the option to get two new weapons or two new Spirit Ashes from either Queelign or Jolan. You can, of course, choose to get one weapon and one Spirit, so be sure to think long and hard about which ones you’d rather have. Who knows, one of these rewards could help you find the rest of the SotE map fragments if you’re still missing any.

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