How To Use The Hunter And Fisher In Aska
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How to use the hunter and fisher in Aska

Make sure you have the right people for the job.

The more I play Aska, the more I realize that I need better ways to get resources. Having a Hunter and a fisher is important to get better quality food, and we’ll show you how to use them in Aska.

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Aska: How to use the hunter and fisher in your camp

As you may have noticed, Aska doesn’t give you much outside of the basics like making a campfire, getting a shelter, and attracting new villagers. These are things you need you need to survive this new land in Aska. After that, you’re on your own and things might not be as clear once the training wheels are off.

Hunting and fishing in Aska is almost the same as it is in Palworld. In the Pokemon-inspired survival game, if you wanted to grow plants you’d need a Pal to do the watering for you. This rule has made its way over to the Viking game, but it’s not as strict. In Aska, when you get a new villager, you’ll have two choices to pick from. If one of the options has a villager who’s proficient in hunting, select that one. For fishing, you’ll need to create a fishing village and use bait. But to maximize your fishing output, check if you have a villager that has a fishing trait. However, it seems to not matter, as any villager can hunt and fish. I don’t have any villagers who hunt, but having one can allow them to yield more food. 

Aska Villiager Showing They Can Fish
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Once you get a villager to hunt, they’ll start doing it in your immediate area, which might not be as fruitful.

How to get more from hunting

Villagers will start hunting just outside or near the camp. This is usually a bad idea since there’s a limited amount of resources, and they’ll be slower to gather what they need. Your best bet is to first go out, and find an area rich of animals that can be hunted. I’ve found a spot almost a nearby my base, but still out of the way. Once you have that area, mark it with the right marker. In this case, it would be the Hunting Marker. However, if you want to make the Hunting Marker, you’d need to build the Hunter’s Hut first. After that’s been built and placed, the villager who is tasked with hunting will go there.

Aska Hunting Marker
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For fishing, it’s great if you build your base near water. The villagers who can fish will go there after you give them that job. On the other hand, just like hunting, if you’re not near water, find the closest body of water, and mark it with the right maker

The last tip I want to leave you with is that do not hold on to the meat you’ve gathered. Like Palworld where you can have Pal to help with the flame cauldron, you need to make a BBQ first which a villager can help you make. This can make managing your food easier, and from experience, stop it from going bad because you’re always going to be cooking. 

Aska can be played in the single-player format, however, can Palworld do the same by being offline

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