Diablo Iii Infernal Machines Portals
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It’s no secret Diablo III contains its fair share of secretive items. Many items in the game aren’t upfront about what they’re used for or how to use them. Of course, this encourages player experimentation and curiosity, but it can also get frustrating. For example, the uses for Infernal Machines aren’t really apparent when you get one. Fortunately, the Infernal Machines in Diablo III are pretty straightforward to obtain and use.

How to use the Infernal Machines in Diablo III

Obtaining Infernal Machines in Diablo III

To use an Infernal Machine, you need to obtain one first. There are four kinds of Infernal Machines, and they drop from special Keywarden bosses. The Keywardens only spawn on Torment-level difficulties, with one in every Act. Each drops a specific Infernal Machine:

  • Odeg the Keywarden – Infernal Machine of Regret – Act 1 Fields of Misery
  • Sokahr the Keywarden – Infernal Machine of Putridness – Act 2 Dahlgur Oasis
  • Xah’Rith the Keywarden – Infernal Machine of Terror – Act 3 Stonefort
  • Nekarat the Keywarden – Infernal Machine of Fright – Act 4 Gardens of Hope Second Tier
Diablo Iii Infernal Machines Keywarden Map

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When you enter the designated Keywarden area, you’ll see a purple arrow on your mini-map guiding you to the Keywarden. Slay the bosses, and they’ll drop the corresponding Infernal Machine. Keep in mind the Infernal Machines are account-bound.

Using Infernal Machines

Once you have an Infernal Machine, it’s time to use it. They’ll activate in just one location: the Herectic’s Abode in New Tristram (Act 1) and on Torment difficulty. The Herectic’s Abode is only accessible in Adventure Mode and is located next to Brother Malachi the Healer.

There’s a boarded-up door near the Healer. Attack the boards to open the door. Of course, bring the Infernal Machines in your inventory, then right-click them from your inventory inside the Herectic’s Abode. This opens a portal to that Infernal Machine’s corresponding realm. For example, the Infernal Machine of Regret opens a portal to the Realm of Regret.

Diablo Iii Infernal Machines Herectic's Abode

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Within each Realm, a pair of Uber bosses must both be defeated. Depending on your level, the Uber bosses drop unique crafting materials for the Hellfire Ring or Amulet. If you’re level 70, the name of the Infernal Machine corresponds to the crafting material you’ll get:

  • Regret (Realm of Discord) – Skeleton King and Maghda – drops Writing Spine (60+) or Leoric’s Regret (70)
  • Putridness (Realm of Chaos) – Rakanoth and Ghom – drops Devil’s Fang (60+) or Vial of Putridness (70)
  • Terror (Realm of Turmoil) – Zoltun Kulle and Siegebreaker – drops Vengeful Eye (60+) or Idol of Terror (70)
  • Realm of Fright – Diablo and other bosses – drops Heart of Fright (Level 70 only)

Regardless of which crafting material you get, they’re all used for the same thing: crafting the Hellfire Ring or Amulet. Of course, level 60+ materials only combine with other level 60+ materials to make a level 60 ring or amulet. The same goes for the level 70 materials. Drop rates on the materials are not guaranteed unless you’re on Torment VI or higher. Non-Torment difficulties reduce the drop chance to zero.

Crafting Hellfire Jewelry

The Hellfire Ring and Amulet become available with all the necessary crafting materials. Buy the Hellfire Ring plans from Squirt the Peddler in Act 2 for 5 million gold (2 million for level 60 versions), then the Jeweler (Armorer on consoles) crafts the Hellfire Ring as long as he’s at least level 10. Crafting the level 70 Hellfire Ring and Amulet requires a level 12 Jeweler/Amorer. Regardless of level, each Hellfire Ring/Amulet craft costs 50,000 gold.

You can buy Diablo III on Battle.net.

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