Still waiting for an HTC Vive? HTC attempt to clear things up

HTC Vive

HTC and Oculus have both come under fire from customers for a lack of shipping information and HTC has tried to clear things up with a status update for HTC Vive customers.

The HTC blog has attempted to answer questions regarding shipping dates, type of shipping, order in which units are being dispatched, and a few other questions. Unfortunately, the post doesn’t really help customers if they want to know exactly when their Vive will arrive.

“We understand that multiple issues have arisen in the past two days and we are working hard to resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible. We appreciate your patience as we identify these issues and work to solve them. This post will serve as the bulletin board for known issues and their solutions. We will update it as frequently as we can in order to keep you informed on our progress. ”

HTC resolved the credit card order cancellation problem earlier this week but trying to find out when an order will arrive isn’t possible until a notification mail of shipping is sent out.

“Your Vive system will be shipped in the month noted in your order confirmation email. When your purchase has been completed and your order has been shipped, you will receive a separate shipment notification email, which includes a tracking number”.

Anyone still waiting for their HTC Vive should just forget about it until the confirmation email comes in regardless of when it was pre-ordered. There has obviously been a few hiccups.


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