HTC Vive pre-order date confirmed and announced

HTC Vive pre-order date confirmed and announced

Hot on the heals of the Oculus Rift pre-orders, HTC has announced via the Telegraph that pre-orders for the HTC Vive will start on 29 February.

HTC had already announced that the pre-orders would start at the end of February so today’s announcement is simply confirmation with a concrete date.

There is still not exact shipping date but they are expected to start sending orders out to consumers some time in April. Despite announcing the pre-order date a month later that the Oculus Rift, both systems should end up shipping to pre-order consumers around the same time.

The $599.99  price set by Oculus was more than most PC gamers were expecting and it remains to be seen if HTC can beat that price an take a lion’s share of the market.

Based on what we know about both VR systems, the Vive is the more interesting of the two thanks to its tracking system which will let you move around in a much larger space. The only problem with this system will be the cable which will hamper movement. However, the Vive is expected to be the superior product but it may come with a larger price tag.

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