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It’s often a good idea for devs to add a mode to their game that allows for user-created content. I wasn’t expecting the Dirt series to add one, but Dirt 5 is going to launch with the Playgrounds mode. Players will be able to not only make their own challenges but play and vote on other people’s. I got to check the mode out and see what it’s going to offer. The good news is that it’s already looking promising.

The main attraction for most players will likely be trying out the user-created levels. As the game isn’t out yet, there obviously aren’t any available. However, there are a surprisingly large amount of sample ones included, which were created by the devs. These challenges do a good job of showing off the breadth of the customization tools and options that players will have at their disposal.

These challenges come in a few varieties in Dirt 5, such as a classic checkpoint race, or even destroying certain items in order to keep a timer from ticking down. There are also three different levels that these challenges can be set in. One is in an indoor arena, while the others are outside. I’m very curious to see what kinds of things other players create after they’ve fiddled around with the creator a bit.

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Rate what you create

Actually making the challenges is extremely simple. When you enter the Playground mode you’re given the choice to create your own stuff or browse the work of others. You just pick from one of Dirt 5‘s locations and you’re then dropped right in. You have free camera control when you’re dropped into the empty map. In order to have a car spawn, you’ll need to put down a starting line object. Then you open the object menu and select from the wide range of different items.

There you’ll find platforms, ramps, burning hoops, guide rails, destructible objects, decorations, and the entire host of Dirt 5‘s other options. There are seriously a lot of different things to play with here. They come in different varieties too. You can have fabricated platforms if you want, or you can use dirt ones depending on what kind of surfaces you’d prefer to make use of. You’ll also see a healthy amount of stunt-specific things that will allow you to tailor your challenges however you see fit.

Putting everything together in Dirt 5 also couldn’t be simpler. You select an object and then you’ll see it floating where your cursor is pointed. If it’s red then you can’t put it down. But if it’s green, you’re good to go. You can swap the camera to an overhead view if you want to line things up more carefully as well. All of this makes arranging geometry as simple as I could see it being made. Once you’ve got everything down, you can then hit “test” on the pause menu and get dropped right in to see if you placed everything correctly.

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Destroy what you enjoy

Dirt 5‘s Playgrounds mode is sure to raise some eyebrows, but I think fans will get a kick out of putting their own challenges together. We don’t have too long to wait to see what folks come up with either, as the game is set to launch in just a couple of months.

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