The website OnlySP has revealed that it received an anonymous tip back in December regarding the next Call of Duty game. The folks over there didn’t want to publish an anonymous tip that could have been a complete hoax without more information, so they sat on it for a while. The recent news that Sledgehammer would be creating the next Call of Duty encouraged OnlySP to publish the tip but they warn their readers, as I am warning you now, this could all be utter rubbish and just someone trying to troll Call of Duty fans. I should also point out that there is a chance the info, or at least some of it, might be true so if you don’t want the game spoiling click away from here. If you feel undaunted by all this then continue reading:

Supposedly the next installment in the franchise will be Modern Warfare 4 and will be a direct sequel to Modern Warfare 3. The game will be set in 2018, taking place across Europe and Asia and Captain Price and Nikolai will be returning as the main characters and will once again be working with the British SAS. Apparently the SAS will play a large role in the game and will be the main focus rather than the player being switched to different characters fighting for different countries. Nikolai will be a playable character and unlike previous Call of Duty games, will talk when you are controlling him.

All this info so far seems pretty plausible but the next part is where things get a bit more odd. According to the anonymous source, General Shepard is still alive and he, along with Shadow Company, will be the main antagonists. The idea that there are still soldiers loyal to Shepard isn’t too far of a stretch since he had a pretty massive army in Modern Warfare 2 but the idea that Shepard could be alive seems pretty hard to believe since not only did you throw a knife into his face but a fake TIME magazine cover used to promote Modern Warfare 3 reported that he’d been buried in Arlington Cemetery.


It should be remembered that no matter where you aim your knife in Modern Warfare 2, it always lands into his eye which may be a sign that he wasn’t killed. This would be a pretty huge twist but it would also kind of undermine the epic climax of Modern Warfare 2 and not to mention they’d better have a good excuse as to how an aging man can survive a fist fight with two SAS soldiers not to mention taking a knife to the face and being left in the desert. A stealth mission is also apparently going to take place in Amsterdam and another mission will be set in Shanghai. It seems the story will focus more on a personal story of the SAS rather than an all out war between nations.

Once again I want to stress that all this could be total nonsense so don’t pin your hopes all on this. Activision has a policy on not commenting on rumours or “leaks” which means a lot of people decide to throw fake information around. If it’s true though, I for one did love hanging out with the SAS back in Modern Warfare but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Stay frosty comrades!

Source: OnlySP

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