Humankind: Civilizations and cultures guide — Ideal picks for each era

Humankind Best Civilization Civ Culture Eras Emblematic District Emblematic Unit Traits

Industrial Era

Let’s talk about the civilizations and cultures that you can choose during the Industrial Era in Humankind.


Here they are:

Type Culture Trait Emblematic District Emblematic Unit
Aesthete Austro-Hungarians Emperor’s Hand
+1 influence on districts; +1 influence on Emblematic District
+1 stability per district; +5 influence; +2 stability per adjacent district
Evidenzbureau Agents (gunner)
Sly – Ignore hostile zones-of-control (ZOC).
Italians Inspiring Virtuoso
+10 stability and +1 influence on Commons Quarter; -50% industry cost for Commons Quarter
+1 influence per trader and researcher; +1 influence; +5 stability; +2 influence per adjacent Commons Quarter
Alpini (gunner)
Cliffs Crosser – Can traverse cliffs.
Agrarian Mexicans Fields of Gold
+20% food in all cities
+1 food; -10 stability; +3 food per adjacent Farmers Quarter; +1 food on tiles that produce food; +1 farmers slot; counts as a Farmers Quarter
Soldaderas (gunner)
Guerrilla Fighters – Stealth unit that remains hidden even when attacking.
Builder Persians Mighty Works
-25% shared project and constructibles industry costs
+1 money per trade route; +5 industry; +5 money; -10 stability; +3 money per adjacent Market Quarter; +1 trader slot; counts as a Makers Quarter and Market Quarter; applies “Swift” to friendly armies in this district (+2 land and naval movement)
Jazayerchis (gunner)
Piercing – Stronger when attacking.
Siamese Gilded Orchids
+3% industry per district in all cities; +1 money from all ongoing trades in cities
Floating Market
+1 money per population; +5 industry; -10 stability; +3 money per adjacent Market Quarter; counts as a Market Quarter and Makers Quarter
Gatling Elephant (gunner)
Suppression – Targetted unit can either move or attack next turn, but not both.
Expansionist British Colonial Riches
+10 money and +10 science on the capital per attached territory
Colonial Office
+10 money; +10 money for liege; +2 money and +2 money for liege per adjacent district; can only be built in the lands of other civilizations that have you as their liege; counts as a Market Quarter
Redcoats (gunner)
Expedition – Regenerates health when outside your territory.
Russians Land and Blood
+10 experience when creating units per number of territories in all cities; +10 war support when you capture a city
+3 influence; +5 stability; +5 faith per adjacent district; +10 unit health regen
Cossacks (gunner)
Free Riders – Can move and attack after attacking; requires 3x horses and 1x gunpowder.
Militarist Germans Iron Ordnance
+3 combat strength for naval and air units; -20% industry cost for all units
Coking Works
+1 industry per population; +10 pollution; -10 stability; +3 industry per adjacent Makers Quarter; +1 workers slot; counts as a Makers Quarter
U-Boat (torpedo vessel)
Stealth – Cannot be seen except by adjacent units; requires 2x iron and 1x oil.
Zulu Warrior’s Pride
+50% unit health regeneration; +2 combat strength for units that start their turn in allied territory
Warriors’ Izindlu
+10 experience when creating a unit; +5 stability; +4 combat strength for adjacent units; fortified land unit spawn
Impi (melee)
Unstoppable – Bonus combat strength when attacking stronger units.
Scientist French Enlightened Thinking
+10% science on all cities
Exhibition Hall
+1 science per population; -10 stability; +1 influence per adjacent district; +3 influence on territory; counts as a Research Quarter
Cuirassiers (heavy cavalry)
Heavier Charge – Heavier Charge – Receives a higher combat strength bonus when charging; requires 3x horses and 2x iron.

What’s unique about the Industrial Era is that it’s the only one, so far, that doesn’t have a Merchant-type culture. We’ll see if there will be changes down the line after the game’s launch.

Anyway, in keeping with our science-based run from the Medieval and Early Modern Eras, I would go with the French here. The science bonuses are massive, so you can expect to outpace the competition. The Siamese (+industry and money) and Germans (+industry and recruitment cost reduction) also seem like viable choices.

In any case, let’s move to the next part of our Humankind civilizations and cultures guide. We’ll check out the selections for the Contemporary Era.

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