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Humankind: Religion and tenets guide — Faith and followers

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As you progress through Humankind‘s campaign, you’ll eventually realize the value of religion. If you focus on the faith game and the various tenets, you could obtain a lot of followers. In turn, you’ll end up swimming in a ton of bonuses. Here’s our Humankind guide to help you with religion mechanics, faith, religious tenets, and followers.

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Note: For more information, check out our Humankind guides and features hub. You may also take a look at our beginner’s guide to learn about the basic mechanics and early-game progression.


Humankind: Religion and faith guide – Getting more followers and choosing the best tenets

Having a little faith

Starting the religion game in Humankind occurs once your city has 10 population. You’ll receive a prompt about founding a religion. You have two options:

  • Polytheism – +5 faith per number of attached territories.
  • Shamanism – +1 faith per population.

Either option helps you out from the get-go, though your selection should depend on how your empire grows. For instance, if you chose the Harappans during the Ancient Era, then the bonus food lead to additional population in your cities.

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Eventually, as you increase your faith generation from various sources (i.e., holy sites, civics, cultural wonders, and the like), your citizens will start following your state religion. This has a snowball effect, too, because more people who follow your state religion will cause it to spread. First, it’ll come from cities with holy sites (or wonders that act as holy sites).

Religious pressure will then expand to attached territories and adjacent territories. The next thing you know, neighboring empires whose outposts/territories were too distant, or those with domains that aren’t as populous, will complain because your faith is spreading to their lands. This can generate grievances and demands that lead to war.

Note: The Irreligion civic presents two options: Secularism and State Atheism. Both options cause you to lose the ability to enforce a state religion, build holy sites, and choose tenets.

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Religious tenets in Humankind

Having more faith and religious followers allows you to unlock religious tenets. Religious tenets in Humankind are broken down into tiers, and you’re only allowed to choose one from each. Beware, though, because the tenets chosen by the AI will no longer be available to you (and vice versa).

Tenet Effect
Tier I
Eschew Gluttony +5 money from luxury resource deposits
Be in Harmony with Nature +2 stability on rivers
Steal Not +1 influence on mountains
Smite Unbelievers +25 experience when training units; -1 unit upkeep cost
Purge Idleness +2 food on coastal waters and lakes
Abstain From Intoxicants +2 industry on forests and woodlands
Seek Wisdom +5 science from strategic resource deposits
Tithe The Wealthy +10 war support when winning a battle and when an opponent retreats
Tier II
Undertake Pilgrimage -25% cost of enacting and canceling civics
Reject Luxury +10 war support when making demands; +1 war support per turn when there are active demands
Bear Not False Witness +5 science from Research Quarters
Give Alms +5 money from Market Quarters
Raise Monuments 5 stability from Garrisons; +1 combat strength for units that are adjacent to districts and Garrisons
Observe Fasts +5 food from Harbors
Tier III
Develop the Intellect +20 science per alliance
Honor Kin +1 land and naval movement; -10% unit industry cost
Challenge Orthodoxy +15 industry on the main plaza
Sustain the Faithful +10 war support when an empire refuses demands or breaks an agreement
Mandate Patronage +2 money per trade route
Be Charitable +2 influence from Commons Quarters
Tier IV
Beware False Prophets +50 science from cultural wonders
Proselytize Daily +20 stability in territories that follow a foreign religion
Donate Generously +25 money per alliance; +3 maximum holy sites
Meditate Often +2 combat strength for units

Note: All tenets from tier 1 to tier 4 provide +1 to your Holy Site cap. The only exception is “Donate Generously” which adds +3.

Personally, I’d go with “Tithe the Wealthy,” “Reject Luxury,” and “Sustain the Faithful” because I love taking out my opponents. The extra war support helps since you can declare war sooner, and you could also have more points that will let you acquire new lands. “Bear False Witness,” “Give Alms,” and “Challenge Orthodoxy” are also okay.

Still, the choice is up to you. The religion mechanics in Humankind do feel tacked on. There are some nice bonuses, but they’re not that game-breaking.

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Humankind is available via Steam, the Epic Games Store, Stadia, and Xbox Game Pass for PC. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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