With more than a week still to go on the third Humble Indie Bundle event, the pay-what-you-want compilation has passed $1 million USD raised.
The bulk of that money will be going to the developers of the games included in the bundle, plus the Child’s Play and Electronic Frontier Foundation charities. Unfortunately, there aren’t any stats available as yet for the distribution of the donations (which is chosen by each individual buyer at purchase), but organisers Wolfire do offer a breakdown of donations by platform.
So far, Windows users are lagging somewhat behind their counterparts with an average donation of $3.80 USD (as opposed to $6.61 and $11.63 for Mac and Linux respectively). However, Windows users make up the vast majority of total donations, with around 60% of that $1 million coming from them.
As a gesture of goodwill at passing the $1 million mark, an additional game (Steel Storm) has been added to the pack. Plus, buyers will now get to play Minecraft for free until 14 August.
Source: humblebundle.com
Image taken from VVVVVV.

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