Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night Latest Update Brings Boss Revenge Mode And Chroma Wheel (3)

Humble Bundle is making way for indie games this month during its August Choice package, with its curated package of 12 games for its subscribers. This month, the Humble Bundle is offering some indie favorites, like the Castlevania-style Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and the trippy puzzle game Subliminal.

The Humble Bundle is a monthly subscription package that curates 12 games that you can download and keep forever. Game keys are provided for each game for a platform like Steam or Origin. A portion of all profits go to charity, so you get some good value with a long list of games while contributing to a good cause. For this month, you might consider skipping if you aren’t a fan of indies, as there aren’t any huge headliners.


A collection of indies

The biggest headliner for this month’s package is Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, an action RPG in the style of Castlevania. The indie is a great play for anyone who’s a fan of retro Metroid games, and the game is receiving plenty of post-launch support. A sequel for the game is also in development, so this is a solid opportunity to pick up Bloodstained for cheap in preparation. Meanwhile, the dizzying puzzle game Superliminal is structured around optical illusions, and puzzle lovers may find much to enjoy about the game (though, some might not).

The other games in the August choice package are Last Oasis, Out of Space, We Need to Go Deeper, Carto, As Far as the Eye, Cepheus Protocol, Drake Hollow, Nowhere Prophet, Blue Fire, and Encodya.

You can subscribe to Humble Bundle August Choice for $19.99 USD monthly. However, this price often goes down to figures like $12.99 USD, so it’s recommended to wait for a sale whenever possible. This month’s featured charity is Worldreader, a charity dedicated to providing people with free access to a digital library of books.

Superliminal Pc pillow castle

You can check out the puzzle game Superliminal this month.

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