humble bundle black friday 2021

The Humble Bundle is kicking off Black Friday with some new deals, perfect for anyone looking for savings, yet unwilling to travel through the ravenous shopping crowds. Humble Bundle’s Black Friday 2021 deals have begun, and span across the Humble Store, Humble Book & Software Bundles, and Humble Games. Best of all, the Humble Choice is also having a massive sale: a one-year subscription for $99 USD.

Most accessible to everyone is the Humble Store Black Friday sale, which gives you a variety of deals on popular games. Certain games are on sale for up to 90% and include games like Assassins Creed Valhalla, Borderlands 3, Control, Death Stranding, Dark Souls III, Devil May Cry 5, and more. These sales will run until December 4, so you have plenty of time to pick out what you need to buy.


Savings for all

There will also be new book and software bundles for sale, including a “Black Friday RPG Bonanza Bundle.” The bundle includes a variety of tabletop roleplaying eBooks, with “books worth a total of over $600, including Bunnies & Burrows.” The “Create with Visual Impact! Encore Bundle” is also back, running until December 1. This bundle includes tools like Corel Painter 2021, and other software that totals over $1,400 USD.

The Humble Games Autumn Sale is also live, featuring the critically acclaimed sports RPG, Dodgeball Academia, and the metroidvania experience UNSIGHTED. A select group of other titles from the Humble Games’ portfolio will have discounts up to 75%, running until December 1 for Steam games and November 30 for Nintendo Games. Other included games are Carto, Ring of Pain, Ikenfell, and more.

Finally, you can redeem a full year of Humble Choice for $99 USD, which is a 45% discount of the normal price. Humble Choice is a service that curates a selection of games every month that you can download and keep forever. You also get other perks such as discounts and access to the Humble Trove.

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