The Humble Indie Bundle needs to cast aside some of its humbleness for this fifth offering, because the contents deserve shouting about. For the next two weeks, people can pay precisely whatever they wish and receive in return the rather excellent Limbo, Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery EP, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Psychonauts.
If you can match or beat the average donation price (hovering close to $7.50 USD as I write this), you’ll also get a copy of Bastion. Whatever you pay, you get the full soundtracks for each game in your bundle (so, all of them minus Bastion unless you meet the required price).
As usual, all games are compatible with PC, Mac and Linux and are DRM-free.
When you pledge your cash, you can choose to split the amount how you please between the hardworking developers, the Humble team itself and a couple of charities (Child’s Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation).
Here’s a video to explain it all (featuring Logan Cunningham from Bastion and Tim Schafer from DoubleFine).

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