Humble Summer Sims Bundle smashes seven full sims together

Bus Simulator 21 Bus Stop

Humble has returned with another of its famous bundles, this time dedicated to the world of simulators. The new Humble Summer Sims Bundle contains seven full simulators of varying genres, along with some DLC and coupons for even more sim titles. Bus Simulator 18, Firefighting Simulator, TransOcean: The Shipping Company and more are all featured in this new bundle.

Seeing that so many sims focus on money management, it’s rather fitting that this bundle itself will save you some cash in the end. For $12 USD, you get access to all of the sims, including DLC packs for Bus Simulator 18 and discount coupons for the upcoming Construction Simulator, the still new Bus Simulator 21, and more.


The highlights

We’ve taken a look at both Bus Simulator 18 and Bus Simulator 21 in the past, giving them both favorable scores.

The Construction Simulator franchise has been around for a little while, but after being off the radar for the last few years, it’s making a return to PC and next-gen consoles. The updated version brings revamped gameplay, visuals, and features later this year. Playing the included Construction Simulator 2015 will give you a bit of a heads-up as to what the experience will be like.

Construction Simulator 2015 Pc Sc1 (copy)

A screenshot of Construction Simulator 2015

TransOcean stands out as one of the few nautical simulators out there. By far, it’s one of the smaller genres in the greater sim world. Firefighting Simulator – The Squad also represents a niche genre, albeit certainly more action-oriented than the typical simulator.

There’s also a flight simulator in the bundle called Take Off, but truth be told, it’s far more on the casual side of things compared to the likes of Microsoft Flight Simulator and upcoming X-Plane 12. For a really out of the ordinary experience, there’s also Fireworks Simulator, which allows you to put on your own virtual light show no matter what time of year it is.

The Humble Summer Sims Bundle will run until August 10, 2022.

Fireworks Simulator Pc Sc1

A screenshot of Fireworks Simulator

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