Enjoy Man's Best Friend In Humble's 'you Can Pet The Dog' Bundle (1)

There is plenty that games can do. You can live out a life, enjoy fantastical adventures, or just go crazy with your creativity. Whether you do it as a human or as other beings depends on you. However, one of the large parts of the experience may include interacting with pets. While you may have a preference for all sorts of domestic pets, there is a reason why man’s best friend is the ever-dependable dog. Just head over to @CanYouPetTheDog on Twitter to enjoy some wholesome content. However, now you can take your puppy love further with Humble’s ‘You Can Pet the Dog’ bundle.

This bundle is the result of a partnership between Humble and @CanYouPetTheDog. It’s available for purchase between now and October 1, and there is a variety of content across multiple genres. Of course, one might guess that there is a common thread. They all offer the presence of one cute dog, and you can pet them all. As usual, part of the proceeds from the bundle will go to charitable causes. They include animal-friendly charities such as Sweet Farm, Humane Society, and Best Friends Animal Society. Users can also choose their own charity to benefit.

humble bundle dog

Best value

The minimum price for the ‘You Can Pet the Dog’ bundle is $1. That will give you access to four different games: Scribblenauts Unlimited, Beyond Eyes, Dog Sled Saga, and Bulb Boy. If you pay above the average, which is hovering at $4.72 currently, you will get three more games. Death’s GambitWhere the Water Tastes Like Wine, as well as Shenmue I and II can be yours. Pay the full $12 price for the ‘You Can Pet the Dog’ bundle, and you will gain Blair Witch, including the ‘Good Boy Pack’ DLC, and the soundtracks for both Bulb Boy and Dog Sled Saga.

Separately, the contents of the ‘You Can Pet the Dog’ bundle from Humble cost about $160 on Steam. Therefore the bundle’s value is immense, but the best thing is that you will be doing your part for charity if you pick it up.

All prices are in USD. 

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