Huntdown is finally coming to Steam on May 12 with a new game mode

Huntdown 5

After a year of exclusivity on the Epic Games Store, it’s time for the retro 2D shooterto join Steam. Coffee Stain Publishing and developer Easy Trigger announced today that Huntdown will finally release on Valve’s digital storefront on May 12. The launch date comes with brand new content, including a new game mode and online multiplayer, exclusively for Steam.

According to a press release, Huntdown‘s new Arcade mode allows players to compete for a spot at the top of global leaderboards. Each mission earns points, and the “most creatively violent” kills will come out on top. The goal is to “collect as many bounties as possible” before time runs out. Play solo or with friends using Huntdown‘s new online mode, a Steam Remote Play Together exclusive. Take that, Epic Games Store.


“We have been blown away by the passion the Steam community has had for our game since launch, and we are pumped to be bringing Huntdown to the platform with some awesome new features,” Easy Trigger co-founder Tommy Gustafsson said. “The new competitive features open up all sorts of opportunities for rip-roaring chaos, and we can’t wait to let players across all platforms get their hands on it!”

Today’s Steam announcement came with a brand new Huntdown trailer. The ’80s arcade-style video featured quick clips of all the insanity that Huntdown has to offer. In addition to arcade mode and multiplayer, there are crazy boss fights, powerful weapons, and a whole lot of explosions. Check out the full trailer below.

The hunt is on

For those who are unfamiliar, Huntdown is set in a dystopian cyberpunk world where crime runs rampant. Players act as one of three talented bounty hunters who show zero mercy in their work. Take down enemies and avoid their returning fire as you fight to become the best bounty hunter in the city. There are 20 old-school levels to explore, along with various weapons and gangs.

Many Steam players were excited to get their hands on Huntdown last May, only to find that Easy Trigger entered an Epic Games Store exclusivity deal. In a teaser post last month about the game’s arrival on Steam, the developers explained that they polished Huntdown during its EGS-exclusive year. Exactly one year after its initial release, Huntdown will finally be ready for Steam.

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