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About a year ago, developer Heart Machine unveiled the sequel to the critically acclaimed top-down action RPG Hyper Light Drifter. This sequel, titled Hyper Light Breaker, is departing quite a bit from its predecessor in that it boasts fully 3D open maps to explore. Currently, the studio plans on releasing its ambitious new project in Steam Early Access sometime this fall. To tide fans over, the developer uploaded a new trailer showcasing clips of official Hyper Light Breaker gameplay for the first time. This gameplay provides players with a glimpse into the vast open landscapes that Hyper Light Drifter will allow them to roam through.

If you felt wary about Hyper Light Breaker’s transition to 3D from a visual standpoint, you need not worry. Much like its predecessor, Hyper Light Breaker sports some truly excellent visuals and vibrant colors along with evocative vistas found seemingly everywhere.

And fortunately, it appears that players can utilize plenty of movement options to traverse this beautiful world. These movement options include the usual paraglider as well as some sort of digital hoverboard. In addition to exploration, the trailer features numerous clips of the game’s flashy melee and ranged combat.

Other details on Hyper Light Breaker

The Steam page states that Hyper Light Breaker sets itself in a brand new location in the Hyper Light universe called the Overgrowth. Although the trailer only shows off single-player gameplay, the Steam page confirms that players can explore the Overgrowth together in co-op. While they roam around, players will battle monsters and set up their builds to help them ultimately defeat the Abyss King.

Even though Hyper Light Breaker deviates heavily from what fans have grown used to with Hyper Light Drifter, they will likely enjoy what the trailer has to offer regardless. These fans will definitely want to give it a shot on Early Access once it comes out.

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