Bizarro bread physics title I Am Bread has received a free update today, adding an atmospheric gravity-free mode and something to do with racing bagels.

Space mode equips your little bread slice with rocket propulsion and reinvents the existing levels in the game as zero-gravity areas. Only through the deft use of rocket power will you be able to deftly dock your portion of loaf with the toaster, grill pan or electric heater (whatever you fancy using to make your surface nice and crisp.)

Not wishing to settle for just one new mode of play, I Am Bread has also introduced bagel racing. Here, you get control over a fast moving bagel and have to race around the levels as fast as possible. Presumably while stay balanced in “wheel shape” form.

“This is the penultimate update for the game,” say developers Bossa. “Next time we will be completing the journey of our doughy protagonists, polishing up everything we have done to date, adding in a few bells and whistles and saving some big surprises for the end.”

Here’s a trailer, featuring the Blue Danube Waltz in what I trust is an homage to the original Elite. The title of this trailer is “Deep Space Naan.” Yes.

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