I Am Bread loading screen crash fix

i am bread
Helping with this fix is really the yeast I can do.

If you’re having trouble getting I Am Bread beyond the first loading screen, this simple solution should sort you out and have you toasting success. Bossa Studios’ latest bread-based foray into the world of strange videogame physics has launched on Early Access, but is giving some players a bit of a loading issue.

I was hit by this one myself, possibly due to (what else?) having an AMD graphics card. Or it might be some other random problem, who knows.

Anyway, if you’re finding that I Am Bread just keeps getting stuck at the first loading screen after the main menu, here’s what you should try:

– Right click on I Am Bread in your Steam library

– Select ‘Properties’

– In the screen that comes up, select ‘Set launch options’

– Past the following italicised bit into the box -force-opengl

– Press okay, and try loading up I Am Bread again

The above forces the game’s Unity engine to run in OpenGL mode, which for whatever reason seems to solve the loading screen freeze for (far as I can tell) the majority of people. It certainly sorted it out for me.

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