Deus Ex Machina 2

I am a spermatozoon. I float on my lonely way towards my goal, pursued by red assailants who seek the same result. Ian Dury sings to me from beyond the grave. In the corner, a UI indicator informs me that I am 98.7% of the “ideal entity.” This is Deus Ex Machina 2.

Now I am a weird looking baby. I tumble down through a curiously wide birth canal towards my inevitable destination. Eye-bots bump me around as a lady croons about my not being born in a test tube. You can thank veteran games designer Mel Croucher for all of this.

Deus Ex Machina 2 is nothing to with JC Denton, and everything to do with the experimental 1984 title that had Jon Pertwee as its narrator. He’s no longer alive, so the sequel will feature the excellent Christopher Lee instead. That is, if it gets funded. Yep, this is a Kickstarter, and it requires £64,000 GBP in order to properly expand and explore the depths of your mind (man.)

If you want to experience the same quasi-religious awakening as I did, then play the demo. Fair warning: it took ages to load for me, but got there in the end.

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