July 21st, 2017

iBuyPower reveal their Steam box prototype

steam box ibuypower

It looks like a console but this is in fact a third-party Steam box prototype from iBuyPower which is set to launch next year.

The system will run Steam OS and it’s touting performance of 1080p running Steam games at 60fps. Revealed by Engadget, there are two versions with the rather apt codenames of “Gordon” and “Freeman”.

A subsequent report on The Verge reveals that the system will cost $499 and comes with an integrated power supply which means no annoying separate console-brick style power unit. The specs are apparently a multicore AMD CPU and a “discrete AMD Radeon R9 270” to power the graphics. For storage there’s a 500Gb HD, comes with Steam OS loaded and also a Steam controller, which is just as well as it would be pretty useless without it.

As far as price is concerned it’s comparable to the new Xbox One, its customisable lighting trim is also rather nice but I still have this niggling feeling that for a couple more hundred bucks you could have a PC which could do a lot more.

The concept of a Steam box in the living room is a nice idea but I’m still not convinced the idea will be fully embraced by the masses. However, with the might of Valve behind it I will of course be proved wrong.

More details on iBuyPower’s “Gordon” and “Freeman” are expected to be revealed at CES next year.



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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • nasarius

      If Valve’s streaming tech is any good, the most successful Steambox will surely be the $100 device that plugs into your TV and just streams games from the PC. That could be a pretty big deal in the world of PC games.

      But full-fledged consoles like this just remind me of the Phantom.

    • sorudo

      DVI-HDMI cable + audio cable + xbox controller = the exact same thing, just cheaper.

    • Simmo

      Agree with Sorundo, though won’t be the same but worse. Better specs on a PC and don’t buy the steam OS idea. All it will do will be to force my favourite developers to waste time adapting games to an otherwise useless OS as opposed to making more great content. Give it up steam, we still want windows or IOS as most use their pcs for more than just gaming!

      • yoda

        Nobody is stopping you from wiping it and installing a copy of Windows on it. That is the whole idea of the steam-box: a PC in the shape of a console with the added benefit that you can upgrade and customize to your heart’s content.

        • sorudo

          exactly the same thing as a Pc, the only difference is that it takes more space.
          you already have a PC so that space has already bin taken, buying something like that only wastes space and makes things more complicated and expensive.

    • Jaes

      Don’t be stupid guys, the reason that these exist is not for PC gamers like us, but for non-pc gamers to have an easy alternative to buying a gaming PC. It is a lot more familiar to non-pc gamers. These steam boxes are meant to combat the Xbox One and the PS4.