Ice-Pick Lodge, creators of The Void, Pathologic, and other gaming oddities have a new teaser site up with the name ‘Thanatica Labs‘. There’s a countdown, which looks like it’ll end on Tuesday morning (14 March) in the UK.

The site notes that the group are working on an “ambitious project” and require certain statistical data. You’re asked a question regarding four “phrases” (although they looked like images to me), and encouraged to leave an email address. If you do that, then you get a further message.

“Each person has hidden capabilities that can sometimes reveal themselves intra vitam, usually in shocking situations that would deform the self. Classical thanatologists described them as manifestations that stall the transition into the new state, but modern research shows a number of uses for them,” is what mine said. Well … yes. That’s very Ice-Pick Lodge.

Tuesday will no doubt reveal more. It’s probably a game, but with these guys that’s not exactly guaranteed.

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