September 5th, 2017

Iceberg Interactive picks up Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 - 10

Iceberg Interactive will be distributing Killing Floor 2 at retail.

This is perhaps not much of a surprise, quite honestly, but it’s good to have confirmation. While Tripwire have always self-published on Steam, Iceberg have handled the retail (and other digital distribution) publishing of pretty much all of their games, including Killing Floor, Red Orchestra, and Rising Storm. And now Killing Floor 2 is added to the list!

I’m rather looking forward to Killing Floor 2, insofar as it looks like it’ll offer a rather large upgrade to the hugely popular co-op zombie-blaster. Alas, there’s no word on when it’s due out, which I suspect means “2015 at the earliest.” That’s just a guess, mind.

If you want to read up on what Killing Floor 2 offers over its predecessor, go have a look at this news item from when it was announced.

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