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In their ongoing quest to sign up every 4x space strategy title in development, Iceberg Interactive has snapped up Star Lords. It’s being made by Portuguese team Arkavi Studios and is aiming for a release somewhere around the end of this year.

Here’s my favourite listed feature from the game: “Human-like AI that doesn’t cheat and plays by the same rules as human players, while presenting a constant challenge.” Hooray! No mysterious death-fleets with maxed out tech research appearing out of nowhere on your borders.

What else does Star Lords have to offer? Well, turn-based combat for one, which will no doubt please a lot of people. There’ll be eight races to choose from, each with their own traits, ship designs and abilities. Independent factions and pirates will be out there in the universe as well.

Alongside all of that, there are the usual 4x-pleasing terms like plotting, diplomacy and economics. Full online, LAN and local (hotseat) multiplayer too. You can read a full feature break-down in Iceberg’s news announcement, here.

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