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I don’t trust this guy. He looks like a core breach waiting to happen.

There is no stopping Iceberg Interactive in their quest to sign up as many space-related PC games as possible. Their latest acquisition is Coronado Games’ Starship Corporation, a title which was recently Greenlit on Steam and deals with the in-depth creation of space faring vessels.

Multi-deck layouts formed from (at the moment) around 50 different room types are possible, and you’ll also have to hire the right crew for the job. Pilots, technicians, medics and soldiers will all be needed to have a smooth running ship. If possible, you want to hiring a Jean Luc Picard type, rather than one of the evil admirals that the Federation seems to have such a surplus of.

Once you’ve set up a ship, Starship Corporation will throw a series of training missions at you to see how the ship and crew cope with various emergencies. The success of these missions determines the rating and value of the vessel.

At the shipyard, you’ll be able to design and market various ships for all types of clients (from those desiring small shuttles, to people who want massive war machines.) Preferably, you’ll be wanting to supply the war ships on BOTH sides of a conflict, like all the professional arms dealers.

Starship Corporation is planning a Steam Early Access launch around Autumn of this year.

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