id Software has 18 outstanding job openings, following a surge of employees leaving the company.

We’re running down the employees by name, thanks to Kotaku writer superannuation.

Christian Ankow, Jason Kim, and Jonathan Wright, all senior developers with at least ten years in id, left for Oculus Rift. Two more devs, Gloria Kennickell and J.M.P. van Waveren went with them.

In the meantime, Grant Shonkwiler, Ryan Gerleve, and Carrie Barcroft, an id producer, engine programmer, and an HR manager, respectively, are now with Epic Games.

Other employees that have left include Mikkel Caiafa, an animator now with Boss Fight Entertainment, Robert Memmot, now with Microsoft, Jacob Mandt, Joel Byington, and Alex Velazquez.

It’s not clear if the company underwent restructuring, or if there was some other reason for all these employees to leave. As noted, id is working to fill out those openings, including for senior staff, and recently hired a new general manager, Garrett Young.

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