Rage will “captivate” those that play it, says Creative Director Tim Willits.
In an interview with IncGamers, id Software’s Creative Director Tim Willits discussed his belief that Rage encapsulates the future of the first-person shooter.
When asked whether Rage’s focus on exploration and player choice represents the future for the genre, Willits said:
“I think so. I think (and this is also the reason we did Rage) that gamers are evolving, they really are. Games are expensive to buy and people want approachability, they want variety, they don’t want to get bored and they don’t want a game that’s only four hours long – they’ve just spent $60 on it… I think Rage has all of those elements and I think it will captivate people that play it. ”
However, Willits did stress that Rage is not a game that is easy to immediately grasp. Playing for lengthier sessions is essential to understand what the game is trying to achieve:
“Everyone that’s played it so far wants to keep playing which is a great sign and I look forward to finally getting it out of the door. That’s why we love to have people like yourself play the game for an extended period, having journalists play the game for more than 15 minutes is key because there’s simply so much going on.”
You can read our full interview with Tim Willits here.

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