Id Software Preps Murderous Demons To Invade Your Doom Eternal Game (2)

We just saw a tease of the story DLC coming later this year for Doom Eternal, but id Software is not resting anytime soon. The upcoming Update 1: Empowered Demons will soon see the game undergo a significant change. Now, whenever a player dies during their session of Doom Eternal, there is a chance for the demon that murdered them to be made stronger. That makes total sense, until you learn that they will then invade your game. As if the countless demons and monsters in your own game were not enough.

A murderer on the loose

Id Software Preps Murderous Demons To Invade Your Doom Eternal Game (1)

This will further up the ante for the strategic combat that is now synonymous with Doom Eternal and the rebooted franchise. The benefits of this change are apparent. It will give players a more varied combat experience, and it adds a tad more replay value to the game. For id, this ensures that no two playthroughs are truly the same. A fresh experience for players will always be a boon for the developers.

Of course, killing such empowered demons will give you tangible rewards as well. Overcome them, and they will drop plenty of health and ammo. Not only that, you will earn bonus XP towards your current Doom Eternal in-game events. These are the same events that function much like a battle pass. Plus, if you ever wanted the terrifying Archvile to look like a hipster from hell, this is how.

That is not all for Doom Eternal‘s Update 1. The developers are also looking at adding “a suite of features” to improve Battlemode. This includes anti-cheat features, changes to the tutorial, network indicators, and more. The campaign will also see improvements in terms of quality-of-life changes.

For those loving the 2v1 aspect of Battlemode, you will be pleased to know that the studio will continue growing the mode. Constant fine-tuning, listening to the community, and ensuring every platform gets it right is key to id Software’s plans for Doom Eternal.

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