IL-2 STURMOVIK: Cliffs Of Dover UK Collectors Edition Revealed

‘I say Ginger, wouldn’t it be splendid if the UK were to get a spiffing collectable edition of IL-2 STURMOVIK: Cliffs of Dover?’; ‘Why yes Biggles’; ‘Good news, it is’; ‘Whizzo!’
Whizzo indeed, as the Collectors box contains a 150-page ring bound manual, a cloth map harking back to bonus videogame contents of yesteryear and a copy of the original flight instructions given to Spitfire pilots during The Battle of Britain.
So far, this edition has only been confirmed for the UK and no price has been announced. IL-2 STURMOVIK: Cliffs of Dover is due for PC release on 25 March in the UK (22 March in the US.)
Despite being published by Ubisoft, fans of hilariously restrictive and sometimes game-breaking DRM, the word on DRM for this game is simply “Internet connection required to activate game.”

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