September 5th, 2017

IL-2 Sturmovik successor Ilya Muromets hits early access

ilya muromets 1

World War I flight-sim Ilya Muromets is now available to play in beta form, via the official website.

If you’re desperate to play the latest game that’s sort of in the IL-2 line of titles, then you can pop on over to Ilya Muromets‘ official site and get into early access for $19.99. I say “sort of in the IL-2” line because, obviously, it’s not actually an IL-2 game… but Ilya Muromets does appear to be following in the same vein of being a fairly realistic combat flight simulator, and it’s from the same studio. At least, I think IL-2 Sturmovik was fairly realistic. Look, I don’t know; I haven’t played it.

Anyway: Ilya Muromets is set during World War I, and follows the Russian army’s advance from May 1916 to November 1916. It’s set around the Ternopol-Chernovtsy-Stanislav region, and comprises around 22,500 square kilometers of land recreated from period maps. The game will feature eight aircraft, with the Russian Empire having access to the Nieuport 17.C1, the the Nieuport 11.C1, the SPAD 7.C1, and the “Ilya Muromets” Type B bomber. The Central Powers opposing them will have the Roland CIIa, the Albatros D.II, the Albatros D.III, and the DFW C.V. Which means nothing to me, but it might mean something to you.

For more information I’d honestly suggest you check out the official site, because I have literally no idea what I’m talking about.

Either way, the early access beta is available now for $19.99. The full version of Ilya Muromets is due out in October.

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