Dying Light

Come on, give granny a kiss.

Everybody in the entire world is going to call this game “Dead Island meets Mirror’s Edge.” But that’s ok, because that’s precisely what it looks like. All the weapon customisation and zombie-bashing of the former, with a bunch of rooftop leaping and wall scrambling from the latter.

In this twelve minute, narrated presentation you’ll get to see pretty much all of that in motion. There are also diversions to find small children in cupboards (with promises that these side-quests will affect the world around you) and a reminder that, in this game, the sun makes the zombies really dopey. At night, they get pretty nasty.

It’s not exactly a gameplay trailer, because certain parts look heavily scripted and there’s no HUD present. Hopefully that’ll be an option for the full release too, I could do without having giant arrows going HEY OVER HERE, THE SUPPLY DROP IS HERE COME THIS WAY all the time. Treat it like one of those fancy E3 videos.

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