IMGN.PRO and Fool’s Theory have revealed that they are working on a new project called Seven, a Thief-inspired, 3D isometric RPG. IMGN.PRO is an indie publisher and creator of the game Kholat. Fool’s Theory is a recently created studio formed by members that were a part of the CD Projekt Red team, having worked most recently on The Witcher 3 before departing to make their own studio. Together, they’re working to bring a game developed in Unreal Engine 4 that they hope will redefine the genre of 3D, isometric RPGs.

The story in Seven begins like this:

Huh? How did I end up in here? Well shit, that ain’t no mystery. I walked up to them guards outside and politely asked if our beloved Emperor Drugun hadn’t made up their entire holy scripture while sitting on the crapper. They laughed, I laughed, they kicked my face in and threw me inside. Fair trade if you ask me. ‘Cos you know what? Heh. That fat sack Drugun isn’t the only one looking for something in them buildings…


You play as a lone traveler, moving about a world ruled by the Empire of Vetrall, where you’re subject to its cruelty and dual nature. An Apocalypse centuries before did its damage to humanity, but it didn’t wipe out everybody. Although humanity has spent the centuries slowly reviving itself, the world created is far from the way it used to be. The reality of the current Dark Ages mixes with the advanced technology of the past to create a difficult world for the remaining members of humanity.

In Seven, you will explore the sandbox environment of the Vetrall Empire, using parkour skills to explore the “beyond post-apocalyptic” environment. Branching choices and difficult moral decisions lead to surprising plot twists in this title that hopes to redefine the isometric RPG genre.


Our greatest ambition is to bring a breath of fresh air into classic, isometric role playing games – a genre where the player was traditionally chained to the ground. Seven will bring a new type of exploration as well as open new possibilities for tactical planning and stealth gameplay. We are fully aware how big the challenge is, but it only gives us a greater motivation.


– Jakub Rokosz, Project Lead at IMGN.PRO and Fool’s Theory founder

Finally, we can unveil our new project that has already been in progress since June. We are setting the bar for ourselves on a brand new level, aiming to achieve a cutting edge gaming experience. The IMGN.PRO development team, freshly supplemented with the former Witcher 3 devs, currently consists of 16 experienced gamedev professionals, working full time on Seven.


– Bartosz Moska?a, IMGN.PRO co-owner

As Seven has only been in development since June, there isn’t too much to show yet, but hopefully we’ll be hearing more about this ambitious project in the coming months.

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