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It seems like only yesterday that I was dumping dozens of hours into Immortals Fenyx Rising. Okay, not yesterday — two-months-ago-sterday. But the game’s first DLC, A New God, is here to expand the game further. If you wanted some more to sink your teeth into despite the base game taking more than 60 hours to 100%, you might be able to get your fill here.

The obvious question in regards to A New Godis likely “What is it?” Well, you don’t access it from the main game, as that rolls over to New Game Plus as soon as you finish the campaign. The DLC takes place after the story, so you’ll access it from the main menu. In the bottom left corner, you’ll select the DLC and it’ll switch over to that title screen. Naturally, you should only play this if you’ve beaten the main game. If you haven’t, don’t read this next part, as it touches on the story, which will spoil some of the ending for you.

A New God starts shortly after Fenyx beats Typhon at the end of the base campaign. The DLC takes place in Olympos, where Fenyx is being given the chance to join the Pantheon, as they’re a demigod and have proven themselves to be quite the hero. The basic gist of the story is that, in order to join the Pantheon, Fenyx will have to complete trials from each of the four gods they rescued in the main story. This means that Athena, Ares, Aphrodite, and Hephaistos are all back. The cutscenes and their dialogue are just as enjoyable as they were in the base game (unless it wasn’t your cup of tea). And I just liked seeing all the gods again, as I’m rather fond of them.

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Test your might

You can explore Olympos to your heart’s content, but there isn’t nearly as much stuff to grab this time. You’ll mostly be on the lookout for the new type of crystals that you’ll use to upgrade your gear, which now has one additional level. In A New God, Fenyx has level 6 gear and access to all of their abilities, regardless of if you got all that in the base game. The only things you can actually import are visual customizations. This means that you won’t be able to make use of any equipment perks aside from the ones on the returning ultimate armor or the new gear you’ll find. You also won’t have any potions. Suffice to say, all of the safety nets are absent here.

Each of the four gods has six trials for you to conquer, plus there’s a dungeon at the end. These trials are basically the same as the vaults in the base game, except for the fact that they’re way harder. One trial brings back the giant golf game puzzle that you may have seen in the main campaign. Only, it’s significantly more difficult. The puzzles here are much harder than anything I did in the base game and I got stuck a fair amount. As such, A New God can easily take players a fair amount of hours to complete. This is not a tiny DLC. It even has new puzzle types to contend with too, such as using metal boxes to conduct electricity between points.

The issue here, though, is that A New God is pretty much exclusively vaults. If you didn’t like them in the main game, you’re sure as hell not going to like them here. Whether or not you like this DLC will hinge on how much enjoyment you get out of doing vaults. And, even then, you might not like how difficult the new puzzles are. If you want harder Immortals Fenyx Rising vaults and experience more of the story, then, yes, it’s absolutely worth getting. But if the idea of dumping hours into even more vaults isn’t appealing, you’ll want to skip it.

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