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Even though Immortals Fenyx Rising is already packed with character bonuses by the time you complete your first god arc, there’s even more to unlock. Each of the four rescuable gods has three blessings to provide and some of them are significantly more useful than others. As such, I’d recommend rescuing the god that helps your playstyle the most first. Most of the blessings aren’t all that useful but some make a large difference.

The best blessings in Immortals Fenyx Rising come from Hephaistos. You can find his quests in The Forgelands. His first two blessings add area damage when you pull off perfect dodges and parries. As you’re going to be utilizing those immediately, it will be a boon to have immediate access to these. What’s more, his third blessing adds an extra hit to the end of your combos and buffs their damage by 10% to boot. Having his blessings makes you notably more potent in battle, so I recommend getting them right away.

The next best blessing comes courtesy of Aphrodite. It flat-out gives you an entire extra life that takes 20 minutes to replenish once used. You typically only need to complete the first quest in a god’s chain to unlock their initial blessing, so you may want to grab Aphrodite’s first if you’d like the extra safety net. Her other two blessings, on the other hand, aren’t nearly as impressive. Her second makes it take an extra hit to reset your combo, which is fairly useful but combos don’t feel all that important. Her third blessing simply allows you to take a free hit after you drink a buff potion. Not taking damage a single time is fine and all but it won’t make much difference in Immortals Fenyx Rising, so there’s not much reason to go after that one.

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Arrows of wisdom

The other two sets of blessings in Immortals Fenyx Rising are going to be much more situational. If you use your bow a lot, Athena’s blessings are actually very good. Her first blessing doubles the speed at which your arrows refill, which is insanely useful. But only if you use arrows a lot. Her second increases how long you can charge your arrow shots, which raises the damage. The third hits three enemies with lightning if you hit a nearby one with a fully-charged shot. Athena’s blessings are definitely worth seeking out. But, once again, it’ll depend on if you’re even using arrows enough.

Finally, there are Ares’s blessings. These are the worst of the lot as they mostly only help with the combo meter. His first blessing makes the combo take longer to deplete, meaning you’ll have more time between hits before you lose the meter altogether. His second is basically useless, though, as it restores your wings upon landing finishers. I have no idea why anyone would care about that. Lastly, a fourth combo stage unlocks once you hit 84 hits in Immortals Fenyx Rising. This one is pretty handy if you want that extra damage and especially when fighting tankier enemies that you’re good at dodging.

That’s all for the blessings in Immortals Fenyx Rising. They’re not all that useful but some are definitely worth grabbing. Of course, you can grab them in any order you want, so it pays to plan accordingly.


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