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There are a lot of mounts to tame and ride in Immortals Fenyx Rising, and they come in three tiers. Each tier has an additional stamina meter, meaning that higher tier mounts can run for longer. The majority of the mounts you’ll find roam in groups and are either first or second tier. But there’s no reason to spend your time riding one of these, as you can find a tier-three mount with three entire stamina bars in the game’s very first location.

The starting section of Immortals Fenyx Rising‘s map is called Clashing Rocks. Nearly everything it contains can be completed within a couple of hours and you can make a beeline for the game’s earliest tier-three mount if you want. The mount is a silver pegasus named Laurion and is (to the best of my knowledge) one of four unique, tier three mounts that you can find roaming the Golden Isles. Simply go to the location marked in the picture directly below to find it.

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As you can see, Laurion is located around the very North-Eastern tip of the bottommost part of Clashing Rocks. Take a closer look at the featured image if you’re having trouble spotting the exact location. If you haven’t tamed a mount yet, it couldn’t be simpler. Simply crouch and approach them very slowly. If you move too quickly, they’ll run off. If you’re having trouble at first, just save your game nearby and, if Laurion runs off and despawns, simply re-load your save and he’ll be back where he was. You just need to make your way up to them without scaring them and then press the interaction button. Shortly after, Laurion will be all yours and you can start riding them immediately. Equipping them on the inventory screen will let you summon them at any time by holding down the interact button.

finding Laurion

Start wearing purple

If you don’t want a silver pegasus, you can also complete Hermes’ early game sidequest to be granted a regular white one with rainbow wings. If you’d rather have a purple unicorn (and who wouldn’t?) you can find one shortly after arriving in Immortals Fenyx Rising‘s next location: The Valley of Eternal Spring. Their name is Tyrian and here are pictures of where to find them, both on the map and in the world proper.

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finding Tyrian

Three stamina bars is the max a horse (or a Fenyx) can have, so as soon as you acquire one of these mounts, you’ll be good to go for the rest of the game even if you don’t find any of the other ones. And you might not because the game doesn’t tell you specifically where they are. Personally, I’m still using Tyrian, as a purple unicorn goes well with every outfit.

That’s all you need to know to grab these tier three mounts. The extra stamina will let you cover ground that much faster and can be massively helpful in regards to the successful completion of certain navigation challenges, so there are good reasons to prefer tier three to tier two.

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