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There are a lot of puzzles in Immortals Fenyx Rising and I think people will be surprised by the amount of variety on display. Therefore, we’ve put together some tips that should help explain the kinds of puzzles the game has on offer as well as tricks to make them a bit easier for new players. The game also has puzzle hints that are given more freely depending on which difficulty you’re playing on.

Puzzles in Immortals Fenyx Rising come in multiple varieties. There are switch puzzles,  where you just need to place blocks, boxes, or rocks on top of switches to weigh them down. These are fairly simple, of course, but different switches require different amounts of weight. A switch with a feather icon will be held down by practically anything, so you can put a single box or rock on them and they’ll light up. Larger switches with Tetris-esque symbols on them require a bit more, though. You’ll need to keep adding weight to these until all four lights are on. These take two small metal cubes or one large metal cube. Metal cubes can be used to block lasers too, although boxes will be destroyed instantly.

Large cubes can only be pushed slowly, so you’ll need to plan accordingly. Unless you have the power upgrade that lets you lift them with your bracers. This makes a lot of switch puzzles significantly easier as you can just grab them and put them wherever you’d like. Even without that power, Fenyx can still pick up all the smaller objects, although she can only jump while carrying anything that weighs less than a metal cube. You’ll need to put those down before you can jump. The other power you’ll want is Phosphor’s Clone, which lets you create a clone of Fenyx where you stand. This weighs enough to make up half a heavy switches’ weight, which not only greatly simplifies those puzzles but means you don’t often need to find the hidden cubes to weigh down ones you find out in the world. Just put the clone on them and things get a lot easier. You can also summon your mount and have them stand on outdoor switches, which is easy to exploit.

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A couple of the other major interactives require the use of your bow. These come in the form of shootable targets and torches that must be lit. Just like in Zelda, having an arrow pass through flame lights it on fire and you just need to shoot a guided arrow and have it hit an unlit torch to watch the flame roar to life. Both the targets and torches in Immortals Fenyx Rising are often locked and you’ll often need to stand on a switch that only Fenyx can activate before shooting.

Then there are the puzzles where you roll large wooden or metal balls around. Fenyx can’t pick these up and can only either roll them by hand or pull them with the bracers. Much like the large cube, Fenyx can only use bracers to move the metal ones with the godly power purchased. But there’s another way to move them: Hephaistos’s Hammer godly power. Using a regular swing will knock them forward, while the charged swing will knock them upward. There’s even a Tartaros Vault where you need to use this to play a game of golf.

That’s all for these Immortals Fenyx Rising puzzle tips. Make sure and keep an eye out for weak golden walls and remember that your bracers can carry blocks through openings as long as the walls aren’t solid and you should be good to go.

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