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There are a great many skills and powers to spend your Charon coins on in Immortals Fenyx Rising, so it can really help to know what’s worth the investment. That way, you’ll reap the benefits of having them sooner. Although there are more than enough coins to go around, you might as well spend early ones appropriately as opposed to getting stuck with things you don’t use all that much.

You can use coins to upgrade both skills and godly powers. Skills are general use and are added to Fenyx’s default moveset and godly powers are specific attacks and abilities that use stamina. As navigation is of such importance in Immortals Fenyx Rising, I’d suggest going for skills tied to those first. For starters, grab the double jump ASAP. This does exactly what it says and lets Fenyx jump a second time in the air. It remains constantly useful and there’s no reason to not have it at all times. Next up is the glide boost skill, which allows you to not only glide significantly faster but use less stamina while doing so. You’re going to be gliding an awful lot, so that’s a skill I consider mandatory.

Then you have the climb leap. This allows you to climb more quickly while using less stamina. It’s basically the climbing version of the glide boost. Similarly, you’ll be doing a lot of climbing and you might as well get where you’re going faster. The last movement skill I’m going to recommend is the enhanced dodge, which lets you dodge five times in a row as opposed to the default three. It’s massively helpful for maneuvering out of harm’s way and will help even more with securing those perfect dodges you’re going to want to nail.

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Swing, swing, swing

As for weapon skills in Immortals Fenyx Rising, you should buy the sword and ax power finishers early on as well. These add additional hits and damage to the end of your basic sword and ax combos. That extra damage adds up and keeps your enemies engaged longer, so they’re a no-brainer. I’d also recommend you get the sword launcher, which allows you to hold the attack button and launch your enemies up in the air, which sets up an air combo. This works on small and medium-sized enemies and is very useful. Air combos allow you to juggle your foes and leave them totally defenseless. The ax cleave skill works well with this too, as it allows you to slam your foes into the ground with a powerful hit, which is perfect for flying enemies.

The godly powers are up next. I find a couple of these to be far more practical than the others. Hephaistos’s Hammer does a lot of damage to single targets, which makes it great for using against large enemies in Immortals Fenyx Rising. It does both regular and stun damage too. I suggest buying this one and its charge upgrades, as the damage is great. The other thing you’ll want is Phosphor’s Shockwave, which adds a stumbling effect to each of Phosphor’s attacks. This works in tandem with Hephaistos’s Hammer, since you can use Phosphor’s attack and leave any enemy without hyper armor defenseless for a few seconds and use that time to charge up a powerful hammer swing.

Ares’ Wrath, on the other hand, is killer for launching multiple small enemies into the air. I’d make sure to have at least the most basic version of this when going into combat, as it pretty much trivializes those foes. Herakles’s Leap, which is an extension of the bracers power, lets you pull yourself to any foe, which is endlessly useful against flying enemies. The follow-up power isn’t worth focusing on, though, as it often doesn’t work. Finally, Phosphor’s Clone creates a clone of Fenyx where you’re standing. This can make any and all switch puzzles much easier and less time consuming and is therefore easy to recommend. That’s all for the skills and powers in Immortals Fenyx Rising.


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