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One of the many neat features in Immortals Fenyx Rising is that you’ll run into wraiths of four legendary heroes straight out of Greek mythology. You’ll likely run into your first Wraith as part of Aphrodite’s story, which is the only way to first meet them in the Valley of Eternal Spring. The other three in the game’s main zones can be faced at any time, however, and will accost you randomly. When they do, you’ll have to either run away or fight and defeat them. They function as unique boss battles and drop a large number of shards once they’re dispatched.

But once you beat them, you unlock their Wraith Lair. This is a special Tartaros Vault that culminates in a final re-match against the Wraith. Defeating them rewards you with a mysterious item whose use isn’t immediately apparent. It doesn’t really matter though, because the game will put a question mark indicating a sidequest at the base of Athena’s statue in the Grove of Kleos. There sits a pedestal that allows you to place the four items you received upon defeating the heroes. Once you use these, a special cinematic awaits you.

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But that’s not all you get. Defeating these wraiths, Fenyx receives a special helmet and armor with perks that are unique to this questline. Together, they’re known as the Bright Divinity set. This armor is worthy of a hero and nothing else in the game looks quite like it. The Armor of Bright Divinity allows Fenyx to charge their godly powers much more quickly for its first perk. The second perk adds multiple extra hits to the combo meter with every use of said godly power. This is extremely helpful and works out very well for rapidly building up your combos.

As for the Helmet of Bright Divinity, it significantly increases both the damage and stun of Fenyx’s godly powers. With both of these equipped simultaneously, you’ll become a great deal more threatening when using your powers. Of course, you can always just don them for visual purposes and not mess with the perks if you don’t feel like it.

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