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Immortals Fenyx Rising has a lot of shards to collect, which can be a bit confusing early on. This guide is going to break down the different types, explaining what they do, how you get them, and why you want them. You’re going to spend a lot of hours watching those numbers go up.

The most constant of the resources you’ll find in Immortals Fenyx Rising come in the form of Adamantine Shards. These come in four varieties: blue, red, purple, and yellow. You’ll need these to upgrade Fenyx’s weapons and armor. Blue shards are the most common variety. You’ll get these solely by defeating enemies, meaning that you’re going to be carrying tens of thousands of them at times. Red ones are solely used for improving your weapons and can be found after defeating some specific, unique enemies, but you’re mostly going to find them in chests. Purple is just like red, but is used for upgrading your armor. Yellow is only used for upgrading your carrying capacity for arrows and potions.


The thing is, there are four different kinds of chests in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Regular, epic, guarded, and night chests, to be exact. Regular ones contain blue and yellow shards, along with crafting ingredients and golden amber. Epic chests are the ones with armor next to them and contain, you guessed it, helmets and chest armor. These also contain blue, yellow, and purple shards. You will discover that epic chests are more difficult to access than regular ones though. Regular chests are frequently just out in the open or simple to reach, but epic chests typically require that you solve some sort of puzzle. Guarded chests, which contain blue, yellow, and red shards, are simple enough to access. These require you to defeat every enemy guarding them in order for them to become openable. Night chests have a bit of everything, but there are only 10 in the whole game.

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You gotta wait sometimes

Not all chests will be attainable for you right away though. Some are guarded by strong enemies that you’ll need to take on later. For instance, there’s one in Clashing Rocks (Immortals Fenyx Rising‘s first area) that has a gold-level griffon and harpies guarding it. You won’t be able to fight them that early, so you’ll need to come back once you’re stronger. Some chests also require that you have specific abilities in order to solve the puzzles needed to open them. When that happens, the game has a pop-up rear its head so as to not waste your time.

Chests and enemies aren’t the only way to get shards in Immortals Fenyx Rising, however! Almost all points of interest get marked on the world once you survey it in first-person. There are shard deposits hidden all over. If you see an especially tall building and there isn’t anything showing on your map, there might be a deposit there. Deposits glimmer, so they’re pretty easy to spot. But you’ll actually have to look for them. They contain about 70 shards each, so it’s a good idea to hit them and collect them whenever they catch your eye. It takes a massive amount of shards to upgrade all of your gear, after all.

That’s all there is to say about shards. As long as you keep all of this in mind, you won’t be surprised by any of the requirements set out for you regarding shards (resharding?) in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

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