Gameplay Trailer For Immortals Of Aveum Shows Magic Intense Fight
Screenshot via Ascendant Studios

Immortals of Aveum showcases a magic-intense boss fight in new gameplay trailer

Magic mayhem!

Just a week ago, EA had announced that they would be publishing a new magic FPS in a reveal trailer. Now, Ascendant Studios shows a magic-intense boss fight in a new gameplay trailer for Immortals of Aveum. Headed by ex-Call of Duty director Bret Robbins, this new single-player fantasy game plans to release on July 20. There’s much to see in the six minutes of gameplay and cutscenes.

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New gameplay trailer for Immortals of Aveum reveals magic combat

In this new EA Original, you play as Jak, who is new to wielding magic. He joins a group of battlemages to stop the Everwar and save the realms. The trailer reveals a snippet of what the cutscenes will look like. Immortals of Aveum will be the first AAA game to release using Unreal Engine 5.1. You’re then shown gameplay of combat against a few different enemies, some smaller and easier to handle, while a few stand-out as tougher foes.

Immortals Of Aveum Gameplay Trailer Grapple

Screenshot via Ascendant Studios

Magic spells fill the screen, no matter where you look. The first-person perspective takes on the likeness of the Call of Duty DNA, but instead of guns, you’ve got three types of magic. You’ll be able to unlock more than 25 spells of either Red, Blue, or Green magic. Jak shoots out spells at a fast pace and with much fluidity, switching between different types of magic with ease. During another fight, Jak launches himself towards a new area with a blue whip, like a grappling hook.

The trailer also shows the other Immortals, who are your allies, fighting alongside you. Also, there wasn’t any user-interface visible, but that could be hidden just for the trailer. The only UI you can see are the clips that show the gear menus. Here, you can change what type of Sigil Jak wears, as well as his Rings, Totems, and Bracers. There seem to be lots of customization for how you want to use your magic.

Immortals Of Aveum Boss Fight

Screenshot via Ascendant Studios

There’s not only combat, though. Some of the gameplay showcases short puzzles that make you use your magic in unique ways. But once Jak completes the puzzle, a giant enemy boss enters the room. It takes a minute or two to take this thing down, but it really shows the different types of magic you can use depending on the situation.

This magic-intense boss fight is the finale for the Immortals of Aveum gameplay trailer, but it shows what to expect before you consider purchasing this game. Immortals of Aveum is available for pre-order on Steam, the EA app, and Epic Games Store.

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