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Imperator: Rome released in April 2019. It was touted as Paradox Interactive’s latest original IP, a grand strategy game that took you back to the time of the Roman Republic’s infancy, its rivalry with Carthage, and the rise and fall of Greek and Indian kingdoms. Sadly, there were several problems at launch, though it’s had a number of patches and overhauls that helped improve the gameplay. On our end, we haven’t actually done a guides and features hub until now. Let’s rectify that, shall we?

Imperator: Rome – Guides and features hub

Official review – Our official review of Imperator: Rome which delves into its gameplay mechanics, technical issues, and shortcomings. In a way, it came, it saw, it faltered.

Things to do before you unpause – As with almost every grand strategy offering from Paradox Interactive, players will need to tick a few boxes and make sure everything’s fine and dandy before they even unpause the game.

Interesting nations – Rome and Carthage are, obviously, the top candidates for any Imperator: Rome playthrough. However, there are several notable choices that you could try out from an Epirus led by Pyrrhus to the tutorial island of Crete.

Demetrius update – Demetrius or version 1.0.1 was the first hotfix for Imperator: Rome. It tweaked a few nagging concerns while also adding a benchmark tool.

Pompey update – The Pompey update was the first major patch for the game. It overhauled the piracy and stability systems while also adding new quirks to certain nations.

Magna Graecia and Archimedes impressionsMagna Graecia is the game’s first paid content pack given that the Punic Wars DLC was a freebie. As implied by its namesake and together with the Archimedes update (version 1.4), we see the addition of missions for Greek nations and a massive change to religion mechanics.

Magna Graecia and Archimedes religion guide – Following the above, here’s our guide on the religion mechanics tweaked by the DLC and free update.

Magna Graecia Greek missions guide – This article gives an overview of the special missions for Athens, Sparta, and Syracuse so you’re well-prepared in your campaign.

Imperator Rome Guides And Features Hub Magna Graecia Archimedes Future Content Dlc

Paradox Interactive certainly have more in store for Imperator: Rome‘s players. As you can see above, we can expect the Menander free update and the “Summer of Culture” theme, as well as the “Autumn of War” changes a few months down the line.

Imperator: Rome is available via Steam. You can purchase the game for $39.99.

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