Eidos Montreal’s Jean-François Dugas has stated that the Missing Link DLC for Deus Ex: Human Revolution will feature improved lighting and a boss fight “more in line with what we were trying to achieve”.
Dugas confirms what many who’ve played the game already suspected, that the original designer intent “was to have those boss fights with the same design and rules as the rest of the game” (in other words, violence wouldn’t be the only solution). Time and production restrictions were against the team, however, and eventually the boss encounters were left in the game in their current form.
“Should we have cut them? It’s a decision we made, we said ‘well at least they will be entertaining in some fashion’,” Dugas says. “Our boss fights are not Deus Ex boss fights and that’s why people are complaining about them. I guess we live and learn.”
A walkthrough video from The Missing Link (due for release in October on all platforms) has also been released, featuring commentary from Lead Narrative Designer Mary DeMarle. If you want to go in totally blind, this will naturally have a few minor spoilers.
The improvements to the game’s graphics engine are also mentioned by DeMarle in this footage.
Source: rockpapershotgun.com

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