IncGamers’ BIG StarCraft 2 Beta Key Giveaway Begins

Today we start our BIG StarCraft 2 Beta Key Giveaway. If you do not have a key already, just click a button to get one now!
The basic premise is very simple. Every day there will be 5 beta keys given away on the site. All you have to do to be in the daily lottery raffle is to click a button on the contest page.

More information can be found on the contest page, which is located here:
IncGamers’ BIG StarCraft 2 Beta Key Giveaway

And big grats to DrSmoke, who won our previous little giveaway.

UPDATE 6 May 2010:
The contest ends tonight, so make sure to enter now. If you did not get in, try the StarCraft: IncGamers StarCraft 2 Beta Key giveaway for social networking which is starting today.

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